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reasons why i love george harrison - 3/???

his love for nature was extraordinary. it wasnt just like “oh yeah i like nature, i like to sit in the grass and enjoy life” he actually dedicated a huge chunk of his life to nature. he grew gardens all over his home and loved it more than anything. one of my most favorite quotes by george is about that actually, he said, “i’m really quite simple. i don’t want to be in the business full-time, because i’m a gardener. i plant flowers and watch them grow. i don’t go out to clubs and partying. i stay at home and watch the river flow.” its just beautiful, the passion he had for nature and gardening and all that was amazing. "his name was george, GEO, ‘of the earth’, and he really was of the earth." -olivia harrison. 


george harrison in “you’ve got to hide your love away”


The Beatles in color: George Harrison in red/orange.


Cincinnati, Ohio, 1966


Georgy Boy likes his 007

"I was surprised, actually, to discover that George was so attractive in person. I’d always thought of Paul as the cute one, but up close George was ruggedly handsome, even striking, with his long hair curling up just above the shoulders, his face smooth and clear, and those dark, intense eyes." - Chris O’Dell

"[After seeing The Beatles at the Royal Albert Hall on 18 April 1963 while critiquing the bands for the Radio Times] The Beatle she liked the look of most, when she caught sight of them in the corridors afterwards, was George.” - Hunter Davies about Jane Asher

"He was very, terribly good looking, but really funny as well and just enchanting." - Pattie Boyd

"I have big photographs of George behind me when I do the song ‘Something’, his song, and I look at them, and it’s so sad because he’s not here. But it’s lovely to look at those pictures and think: God, my mate George, isn’t he a good-looking boy! You think all the things you couldn’t think when you were a kid (..)” - Paul McCartney

”(..) I know a good-looking chap when I see one, and George Harrison was way beyond handsome” - Mark Radcliffe

The only good looking one was George Harrison” - Angus McBean

"The most handsome but underrated Beatle, he came into his own as a solo artist and film producer." -  The Guardian

Georgie Porgie