Dark Horse ॐ

George Harrison and Pattie Boyd, Esher, 1965. Taken by Henry Grossman.

"She put her arm around him, and the light was falling just perfectly for a portrait. I had to take it. And there it was. I’ve always loved the protective posture of Pattie’s arm around George in those photos."

- Henry Grossman


george harrison in a promo video for 'hello, goodbye,' 1967.

When I was asking George for his autograph, I said could he sign it for my two sisters as well. He signed his name and put two kisses each for them, but under mine he put seven kisses. I thought he must like me a little.

We were just motoring along [to Brian Epstein’s party] listening to the radio when suddenly he very calmly told me he loved me and wanted us to get married. I think I just said yes or some such nonsense, but believe me, inside I was doing cartwheels. We really were very much in love.

I felt we would always love each other for the rest of our lives. I didn’t see anything final in us splitting up.

I burst into tears when I heard he had died; I felt completely bereft. I couldn’t bear the thought of a world without George. When I left him for Eric, he had said that if things didn’t work out, I could always come to him. It was such a selfless, loving thing to say.


George Harrison, 1970

Beautiful George