Dark Horse ॐ


George Harrison, 1970

Beautiful George

Chicago press conference (1966)

I: No George! No i’ll leave that to you guys.

G: Oh, okay.


reasons why i love george harrison - 3/???

his love for nature was extraordinary. it wasnt just like “oh yeah i like nature, i like to sit in the grass and enjoy life” he actually dedicated a huge chunk of his life to nature. he grew gardens all over his home and loved it more than anything. one of my most favorite quotes by george is about that actually, he said, “i’m really quite simple. i don’t want to be in the business full-time, because i’m a gardener. i plant flowers and watch them grow. i don’t go out to clubs and partying. i stay at home and watch the river flow.” its just beautiful, the passion he had for nature and gardening and all that was amazing. "his name was george, GEO, ‘of the earth’, and he really was of the earth." -olivia harrison.